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DiamondDust Rebellion Tribute AMV - Winter Atonement
CCS Friends Only Icon Beneath the Night
moezychan wrote in hitsu_fans

Go here to see the amv.

Two days ago I celebrated my birthday and one of my friends online AllyKatAVR made me an amv as a present. The amv is entirely composed of the second Bleach movie The DiamondDust Rebellion and, obviously, features the star of the movie Hitsugaya Toushiro XD Ally used the song Christmas/Sarajevo 12/24 by Trans Siberian Orchestra. Christmas in June ftw XD The one thing that is quite ironic about it, my birthday is the halfway mark to Christmas Eve XD so in a sense it is appropriate.

Please check the video out. Her editing skills pwn mine and the amv is amazing *_* I wanted to share because this is one of the best presents I've ever gotten for any of my birthdays and she seriously needs more people to watch her videos. She's an extremely talented editor and isn't all that well known. She's also not a huge fan of Bleach but made this for me because she knows how much I love obsess over Toushiro-kun XD